Lunch Bunch

All Souls School Lunch Bunch

An extended day offering for children in 2A, 3A AM, and 3A PM

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For the 2018-2019 school year, All Souls is offering an extra hour of programming for your child’s class. Beginning in October, children in the 2A, 3A AM, and 3A PM classes can gather in the 2A classroom from 12:00-1:00PM with two teachers to eat lunch and enjoy socializing with their peers.

The Lunch Bunch was created in response to parents’ request for an extended day offering for older 3s and young 4s in half-day classes. This program provides your child opportunities to strengthen their social skills in a community atmosphere, increase stamina for a longer school day, and be positively influenced by peers with varied and healthy eating habits.

The Lunch Bunch will be offered Monday-Thursday, and families can sign up on a daily basis. Cost is $25/day, and children will bring their own lunches. Only 16 places will be available on each day. The program will be offered from October 1st-May 31st. Registration will open August 1st on the school’s website under the PROGRAM tab for “Lunch Bunch”. Families must register by midnight the night before through their MindBody account (same as Early Arrival).

Children participating from 2A will stay in their classroom after their 11:45AM dismissal time. Children from 3A AM will be escorted to 2A by a teacher at noon. Children from 3A PM should be dropped off in the 2A classroom at noon.

As children finish their lunches and clean up, they will be given the choice to enjoy a book or engage with selected materials independently before coming together for a brief group time. For those children in the 2A and 3A AM classes, pick up will be in the 2A classroom promptly at 1:00 PM. Children in the 3A PM class will be escorted to the 3A classroom by a teacher.

We are excited to be able to provide this program, which connects your child with their extended school community in a new and enjoyable way!

For any questions, please contact Jennifer at 212-861-5232 or by email at