November 6, 2019

All Souls School—building on each child’s strengths, interests, and experiences in an intentional, diverse,
and nurturing community that fosters experimentation, a love of learning, and respect for others.

Dear Parents, Alumni and Friends,

Happy Fall! As we begin our third month of school, the children are enjoying their classes and faculty are building strong classroom communities.Our teachers are enthusiastic and energized -our new faculty are fully integrated into the All Souls community and teaching teams are building collaborative relationships to support their work this school year. Our administration is actively engaged in overseeing the daily life of school, welcoming prospective families beginning the admissions process, and working with our oldest students and their families in the kindergarten exmissions process.

All Souls School, like all independent schools and nonprofit organizations, depends on donations to help enhance our programming and to support our students, faculty and facilities.I encourage you to join me in making an annual gift to All Souls School.You can either contribute online via the School website - here or by mailing a check to All Souls School. Through your financial contributions, you join a broad base of supporters who contribute to the continuation of excellence of the All Souls early childhood experience. You can designate your contribution as follows:

  • Our Unrestricted Fund provides school leadership with the flexibility to designate funds where they are needed most.
  • The Kefalidis/Johannsen Scholarship Fund supports greater access to All Soul’s unique approach to early childhood education.
  • The Dr. Jean Mandelbaum Fund for Faculty Development and Enrichment provides special opportunities for the faculty, including study tours to Reggio Emilia, Italy.
  • The Director’s Fund for Children’s Special Needs provides important services for children in our school community.

At All Souls, we remain thoughtful and intentional in our programming, to ensure that we can support our families in ways that philosophically align with our program. Some more recent initiatives include our restructured classroom schedules whereby we now offer a full day program for all four-year-olds, and a three hour program for all three-year-olds. Our faculty and staff are reflecting on best practices to support children with developmental variations, and their upcoming professional development days will include work with specialists in speech/language and occupational therapy, as well as other teacher-driven programming. These and other efforts enable our teachers to strengthen and build their knowledge and thought leadership in early childhood education.

Above all, we remain focused on serving our wonderful families and attracting new families who embody the school’s values and share a deep belief in the importance of our school educating their children now and preparing them for their next steps. Please join me in supporting this special community and its ongoing work. All gifts make a difference!

Thank you for your generosity.


Marisa Stavenas
Chair, Board of Trustees

Note that a contribution of low basis securities can be an easily administered and efficient form of donation. For stock transfers:contact Jennifer Vest for stock transfer instructions. Please check if your employer has a matching gift program as you may be able to double or even triple your gift to All Souls School.