We hope that every family will find a community within All Souls School: other families to share trips and picnics in the park and playground, friends to share museums and meals with, fellow parents who are raising children in the city.

Parents at All Souls come from many different backgrounds and have a myriad of talents. The contributions of parents enrich and add to the culture of the school.  The All Souls Library is staffed by parent volunteers who file, re-shelve books, and help to provide general upkeep. Parents volunteer to assist in the classrooms when a teacher is absent. Parents are invited into the classrooms to share their talents, culture, careers and expertise.

Parents Association

The All Souls Parents Association holds monthly meetings. The involvement of all parents in the ongoing activities and events of the Parents Association plays a vital role in establishing an environment that welcomes all and taps into the skills and interests of the parent body. Class gatherings for parents help to support this community as do the larger all-school events.

Traditionally, the Parents Association sponsors many events throughout the year to build and strengthen the community:

  • Coffee Hours the first week of school, where parents congregate to see old faces and make new friends
  • Fall Cocktail Party, to celebrate the new school year
  • Pancake Breakfast, an event for the whole family, organized by the dads
  • Annual Benefit, a fundraiser for the school
  • Book Fair, an event for the whole family
  • New Parents Cocktail Party, to welcome new families
  • Festival of Friends, which celebrates the school’s diversity and the end of the school year