Dear Friends of All Souls School,

In an effort to provide additional resources to parents, I invite all current All Souls School parents and parents of recent alumni to share your insights about your ongoing school. If you have a child in a public or private ongoing school in a grade between K and 12, we hope that you will take a moment to complete the brief questionnaire below.

Your responses will be placed in a binder that will be kept on the 4th floor for parents who are currently applying for their children to Kindergarten to refer to. The binder will be organized with tabs for each school -- information on any school, private or public, where your child is in a grade between K and 12 (or a recent graduate), is welcome.

The binder will be assembled for use as soon as questionnaires are returned and will be updated as more are completed.

This project is being put together by parents to be used as a resource for other parents within our community. Please keep responses to constructive, fact-based answers and your own personal experiences. Responses may be edited or condensed for consistency. Please note that your name and phone or email contact information will be noted in the binder for parents to use only for follow-up questions and not for recommendations.

Forms may be returned via email to

Thank you in advance for your participation in creating this wonderful resource.

Dr. Jennifer Vest