Response to COVID-19


All Souls School’s Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic


When Covid-19 forced schools to close in-person classes in March 2020, the All Souls School administrative and teaching staff immediately embarked on a plan to address the pandemic’s challenges and ultimately, ensure that school continue in a responsible manner that would promote the health, safety, and emotional well-being of its entire school community. As a result of the incredible commitment and cooperation of families and staff, All Souls School has been open and in-person since September 2020. Here are some of the protocols that have protected our community and allowed us to remain open.

  • 100% of teachers and staff are fully vaccinated for Covid-19
  • Reduced class size, adhering to Department of Health regulations
  • Consultancy with Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital Pediatrics
  • Family agreement to limit child’s social activities outside of school
  • Weekly pooled saliva testing of all children and staff members
  • Mask wearing for all students, staff, and parents/caregivers
  • Staggered arrivals and dismissals for all classes
  • Arrivals and dismissals in courtyard
  • Online daily health screening completed prior to arriving at school each day
  • Hand sanitizer distribution before entering building
  • Plexiglass tabletop dividers to support social distancing during work, play, and snack/lunch times
  • Boxes of individualized materials (crayons, scissors, playdough, etc.) provided for each student to minimize the need for sharing
  • Enhanced hand sanitation practices throughout the school day
  • Snack distributed to each student individually by a teacher wearing disposable gloves
  • Special classes (Creative Movement and School Sing-alongs) moved to virtual platform as needed
  • Full-time cleaning staff; electrostatic cleaning of high-touch surfaces and materials throughout day; deep cleaning and disinfection every night
  • Air purifiers for every classroom
  • Windows and doors open year-round to promote fresh air circulation
  • Covid-19 related health and safety signage posted throughout facilities
  • Social distancing signage posted in and outside all facilities