Director's Welcome

Welcome to the All Souls School website. We hope that you will get a small taste of what makes All Souls the special place that it is.

A strength of All Souls School is its community. Teachers and children work together to create classroom communities. Parents, the administration, and teachers work to create a school community with events that bring us together as classes and a whole school. The active Parents Association sponsors activities for the whole family as well as just for parents. Children, and their parents, can make friends for life here!

The children’s work at school may look like play, but for them it is serious. We have great respect for the effort that children put into their thinking and responding to the curriculum. Through the use of materials carefully chosen by teachers and projects arising from children’s demonstrated interests, children are learning how to learn. We hope that when children leave All Souls that they will understand that their interests have value, that there are many ways to get one’s questions answered, and that school is both an enjoyable and challenging place filled with other children and teachers who nurture them as they grow. The social aspects of school are equally important to the cognitive ones as children learn how to live in a group, collaborate with others, and get what they want in socially acceptable ways. All of this takes time and our experienced faculty provides the environment in which children can grow emotionally, socially, cognitively, and physically.

Jennifer Vest, Ed.D.

All Souls School