Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Statement


This year is an important year of reflection and strategic thinking, as we undergo our NYSAIS Self Study, in preparation for our Decennial Accreditation Visit during the 2024-2025 school year. Partnering with DEIB consultants, Martha Haakmat and Dr. Kelly Bird, our faculty, administration, trustees, and families, are reviewing the school’s current practices and how they align with the NYSAIS Criteria for Accreditation. Our consultants are supporting us by centering diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging into our programmatic review, and aligning our school’s mission and DEIB statements throughout our process. This Self Study truly comes at the perfect juncture in the life of the school, as we live into our new physical space, reaffirm our educational philosophy and mission, and reflect on how All Souls School will progress for the future.

DEIB Statement

All Souls School is a welcoming and increasingly diverse early childhood community that affirms and cherishes each child, family, and colleague. We represent an ever-widening range of identities, perspectives, and experiences and celebrate difference as a source of strength and means of growth. Our whole community collaborates to nurture and empower every child, honoring their unique and developing expression of self. Children learn how to practice curiosity and empathy and to use their voices to create fairer, kinder relationships. Through reflection and intentional work, in all areas of our school, we strive to foster an equitable environment where children and adults can thrive. In a world where inequities abound, we work together to protect dignity, pursue compassion, and promote justice for all.

Adopted by the Board of Trustees on May 20, 2021