All Souls School - Established 1965

Early Arrival

To register click here-- EARLY ARRIVAL REGISTRATION

o Early Arrival is from 8:15 to 9:00 daily

o The fee is $10 per morning.

o To register your child go to the All Souls School website and then to the Early Arrival page under the Programs drop down.

o Please register by midnight the day before.

o You can register for a day or a week or for whatever days you choose.

o There are no drop ins. No exceptions.

o Space is limited to 15 children each day.

o You will be billed at the time you register. Credit cards only.

o The Early Arrival room rotates approximately every two weeks. The schedule is posted in the elevator, on each floor, and on the website under the Programs drop down.

Schedule and Instructions for Signing Up



Sept 22-27 LouAnn, Nina, Alexis 2A

Sept 28-30 Elise, Shelagh, Winnie 2B

Oct 5-14 Elizabeth, Jackie, Disnayra 3B

Oct 17-31 Emily, Laura, Noah 3A

Nov 1-9 Audrey, Marge, Danielle 4A

Nov 14-30 John, Charlene, Haven 4B

Dec 1-2 LouAnn, Nina, Alexis 2A

Dec 5-9 Elise, Shelagh, Winnie 2B

Dec 12-14 LouAnn, Nina, Alexis 2A

Jan 4-13 Emily, Laura, Noah 3A

Jan 17-31 Elizabeth, Jackie, Disnayra 3B

Feb 1-10 Audrey, Marge, Danielle 4A

Feb 13-28 John, Charlene, Haven 4B

March 1-9 LouAnn, Nina, Alexis 2A

March 10-17 Elise, Shelagh, Winnie 2B

April 4 -13 Emily, Laura, Noah 3A

April 17- 28 Elizabeth, Jackie, Disnayra 3B

May 1-12 Audrey, Marge, Danielle 4A

May 15-31 John, Charlene, Haven 4B

Instructions for Signing Up

How to Register for Early Arrival

  • 1. When the My Info page opens enter your CHILD'S first and last name in NEW TO OUR SITE? then press next.
  • 2. If your child’s name appears in the box select This is me!
  • 3. Enter information to create an account for your child. (Tip: If you already created an account with your email address, please use a different password for your child’s account. The system will not accept the same email login and password for two clients).
  • 4. After you create an account select the Early Arrival Tab at the top of the page.
  • 5. Select Sign Up Now!
  • 6. Select the dates you would like to sign up for on the calendar and select enroll.
  • 7. Select payment and check out.
  • 8. Repeat these steps to create a separate login for each child you are enrolling.